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Please enjoy reading what my clients have to say about treatment. I am grateful for feedback, and appreciate the many recommendations and referrals I have received.

"I have always suffered with psoriasis and having been back and forth to the Doctor with little improvement I decided to try homeopathy. I have not looked back. The improvement has been phenomenal! I hated exposing my arms but now I am so much more confident. I would urge anyone to see Mandy!"
HL Fairford

Before and after - Success Story

"I'd been suffering with tendinitis in both my elbows from playing sport and I had tried pretty much everything. A friend Recommended homeopathy, and Mandy in particular. She was great, diagnosing the problem and providing the remedies and the schedule for recovery. Now I've got no discomfort and my movement is as good as ever".
MH Worcs

"After several operations on my ovaries and a diagnosis of Endometriosis and PCOS, I was told my chances of conceiving a baby naturally were extremely low. Within 12 months of seeing Mandy, I was pregnant and now have a healthy little boy and I am hoping to expand our family in the next year".
CP Aldsworth

"At just 6 weeks old my baby developed sore and itchy eczema all over his face and neck. He would rub his skin until it wept and became infected, and would cry inconsolably through the night. We struggled daily with different emollients and by the time he was six months old I was at my wits end. I thought the only solution open to me was to resort to steroid cream, which could have scared his skin, that is until a friend recommended Mandy. With Mandy's help I was able to control his eczema without resorting to harsh medication. His skin improved dramatically and so did my emotional well-being! He's 8 years old now and never had eczema since".
RM Kings Heath

"My 4 year old child had a persistent cough. After many trips to the doctors he was sent home with suspected Asthma. After a consultation with Mandy and 4 days of homeopathic treatment the cough had gone. I highly recommend homeopathic treatment with Mandy after this experience and I will be returning for any future ailments in our household".
AM Cirencester

"Mandy's approach is both professional and gentle, offering highly effective treatment - I can't recommend her enough!"
LP South Cerney

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