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Flower Essences

Discover the healing power of flower remedies

Flower essences offer a safe method of healing, that works by restoring the balance between mind and body. The remedies are liquid extracts made from the flowering part of the plant, which have a positive effect on emotional imbalances and mood swings such as fear, dejection, lack of self-confidence, stress and worrying.

The flower essences are taken orally from a dropper bottle or mixed together in a glass of water. To achieve the best results, I recommend adults take 7 drops of this treatment two times daily, however dosage can vary depending on the condition.

Flower Remedies can be taken safely and without fear of side effects, overdosing or allergic reactions. Several flower essences can also be combined and mixed together to address your personal circumstances. The length of this treatment will vary from individual to individual, but I recommend my patients to continue with the infusions until the symptoms are no longer apparent.

While flower remedies are not intended to replace medical treatment, they can be used together with other therapies.

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About Mandy Hyde

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