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Homeopathy for Children

Empower your child to fulfil their potential!

It is wonderful to treat Children in my homeopathic clinic. Children respond beautifully to homeopathy due to the fact that their immune systems are new and evolving. From infant, to toddler, to child, to adolescent, homeopathy can be considered the first line of defence for a whole host of ailments.

In the hands of a professionally qualified homeopath, many deep seated conditions including epilepsy, learning disorders and a whole realm of paediatric health care issues are treated successfully.

Examples of the role of Homeopathy:

Chicken Pox:
The effects of homeopathy on chicken pox are excellent. Itching is usually completely relieved and the course of illness shortened.

Colic and Reflux:
In the case of colic and reflux, homeopathy provides a consistently effective solution to both acute flare-upsand longer term issues.

Milk Intolerance:
The ability to digest and assimilate mother breast milk which provides the child with immune and nutritional benefits is key to getting a baby on the right track to long-term health and vitality.

Ear Infections:
If using repeated rounds of antibiotics distresses you, look no further, homeopathy can work quickly and in many cases permanently for otitis.

Homeopathy is a blessing for the pain and inflammation of teething, working safely and rapidly, while actually assisting the process.

Older children can suffer with examination stress; fear of failing an exam; loss of focus; brain fog all of which can cause huge anxiety in students

Here are a few homeopathic remedies which may be useful to help with exam stress:

Nux vomica:
symptoms include heartburn and indigestion, irritability. Wakes at 3am and finds it hard to go back to sleep as having a rush of thoughts. Nux vom is particularly for last minute revisers who have been burning the candle at both ends.

is good for people who feel very anxious, especially after midnight. They may panic and not be able to settle because they feel restless. A runny tummy before the exam often accompanies the symptoms.

may help those suffering from performance nerves who may lack confidence and give up because they feel they may fail.

Argentum nitricum:
is ideal for impulsive people who behave in an irritable way and then they regret it. They often hurry because they are worried about being late or missing deadlines. What is the motto of this teenager. Often runny stools from anticipation.

Lycopodium: is an excellent remedy for the type of person who is very industrious and tends to over-prepare. Their low self-esteem can show itself by causing them to miss letters and words when reading or speaking. The symptoms are often at their worst between 4pm and 8pm or if they have missed a meal.

Aethusia cynapium:
is a wonderful remedy for brain fatigue from over-study. Inability to think and to fix attention. Examination fears.

Nervous exhaustion from over-study and loss of memory from fright or mortification. Fear of examinations with lack of confidence.

* Note: Please consult a professional homeopath if symptoms are serious and persist.


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